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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Genuine Guise of Innocence

I guess we don't have to pretend that we know what we are doing, I mean, sometimes we do pretend that we know what we are doing, because we don't want to appear stupid, or clueless about our lives and about LIFE, but really, the pretending about the knowing is probably not necessary, or is at least sometimes not necessary.

We can be more humble about our not knowing, and admit to ourselves and others that we don't really know what we are doing. We may appear stupid or clueless if we admit this, but if we really are stupid and clueless, then maybe by admitting it, it's a more genuine, heartfelt way to be.  It's maybe a more innocent, naive way to be, but maybe admitting or experiencing this innocence, this naivete, is a good thing. I mean it might be a little embarrassing, but better to be embarrassed, than to pretend to be more knowing than we really are.

Maybe not pretending to be wise, is wise?  This genuine guise of innocence, naivete, stupidity and cluelessness could really open us up to a more genuine way of life.  Damn the embarrassment! Embrace the humbleness!

But of course, stupidity and cluelessness is no excuse. For anything!  We will be held accountable for everything we do. Everything. That's just part of this grand enterprise; innocent, clueless, or not. Accountable. Responsible!

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