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Monday, April 13, 2015

Political Crystal Ball

I don't often root for the favorite. Usually I love an underdog. So how can I make the favorite appealing? Kind of make her an underdog for whom I can root!

Hillary Clinton declared she is running for President... 

She would be the first woman American President. Pretty historic. I voted against her the first time she ran. I ended up on the Obama bandwagon. And I do think he's been the best President I can remember in my lifetime.

Not that everything is peachy keen, just that he's been intelligent, and resilient, and progressive, and even if he doesn't win all the battles, at least he is battling.

Hillary will be the favorite. No matter who her opponent is. I will vote for her. I have high hopes for her, and for us.  I cannot imagine living under another Republican President. That party is just over-stuffed with backward-looking hacks and malicious clowns.

So Hillary, yes! Run. You must! And win. You must! Will it all be peaches and cream? Probably not. It's always a battle, a fight, a contest. And messy. But that's just the way it goes...

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