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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Meditation, Balance, Rocks & Alan Watts!

A friend pointed me to this pretty cool, I mean, really beautiful and amazing website called "Gravity Glue."  Michael Grab is a "stone balancer." Mind-blowingly fantastic.

You must watch this video... I believe the voice speaking in the beginning belongs to the late, great Alan Watts... 

"I am constantly in awe at the stillness, let alone possibility, of such precarious formations, amidst sometimes very turbulent conditions. For me this reflects our own potential to maintain a still-point amidst the variety of challenges we each face throughout our lives. Further, I wish to highlight the idea that WE ARE creators of our own reality, rather than mere recipients. Consciousness affects reality. This practice allows one to freely create, manifesting their own particular vibration into a 3D world." - Michael Grab

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