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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Blue Skies/Clouds of Doom

Yesterday, blue skies, and thick black clouds of doom swirled around me. Can't explain it. Deep sadness loomed up, an all-consuming feeling of hopelessness, a dark futility flooded through me.

I have no clue why. 

There weren't really any "thoughts" associated with the feeling. I have no real, tangible explanation. Doom? Why? Why not?

Could it be the "news of the day?" Riots, avalanche, Police Brutality, Climate Change, Political Stalemate, etc. Hell, that's just a normal day in the neighborhood. Sickness, death, pain, madness. Sure, but that's just standard operating procedure.

No explanation, no "aha" moment. So I carried the doom around with me. Lugged it up and down the street. It sat with me in my quiet moments, and ran with me in my moments of activity. It finally lifted or ebbed out late in the evening. All that was left was a dull ache in my head.

I wonder, was it all just a self-generated thing, or was it imposed on me from a greater force? That's the kind of question that hovers over all of us.

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