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Thursday, April 09, 2015

Hot Air Empire!

Josh Marshall... talks Rand & Cruz, Republican contenders for President. He calls them "media creations." Part of the Tinfoil Hat Brigade. I think he's right. These are not serious people, even if they have serious jobs. They are kooks. And they generate lots of attention via the media. There is a whole industry of the hall of mirrors media making personalities and events that really only reflect the heat of an overheated media reflecting back on itself. Cable TV is a small "box of Babel," example, the worst of the worst of this phenomena, but it leaks all over our culture. And of course, it's not just politics, this media hype phenomena cuts across everything... politics, music, news, social platforms. The more ridiculous, and unserious, and kooky, the more attention. There are whole industries, and empires created by this total hype approach. We all swim in it. It's part of the air we breathe... cluttered, over-heated-air, nebulous, ridiculous, time-wasting... we pretend to be amused, but it slimes us, and diminishes us...

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