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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Being a Wing-Nut Can Be a Well-Paid Job!

Being a Right Wing Nut-job, or Wing-Nut, is a job. Paul Krugman reminds us that there is a whole ecosystem of think tanks, economists, pundits, scientists, consultants, lobbyists, cable networks, who make money promoting and clinging to ridiculous, right wing positions. There is a vast network of like-minded kooks pretending not to see what is happening in the world, and getting paid real cash money for spouting bullshit. 

So yes, there are the climate change deniers, the health care pretenders, the free market evangelists basically telling the powerful, rich people and what they want to hear. It's all just noise, muddying the waters of our political discourse. It's a major problem. Evidence doesn't matter. Facts don't matter. Better arguments don't matter. So yes, the crazies have their refuges. And they are fortified with money and ideology.  Sometimes you think, finally the other side will open their eyes and see the truth, but no, they are actually paid to not see what is so easy to see. It's maddening, crippling, and an entrenched problem.

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