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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

One Man's Freedom to Discriminate...

Yes, I agree with Josh Marshall. This Religious Freedom vs. Discrimination against the LGBT community is a big deal. The ground has shifted. Conservatives have painted themselves into a corner, and the business community and broad social community has lit a social media fire that can't be easily put out.

Something just didn't smell right to me. Mike Pence, the Governor of Indiana just looked and sounded like a guy who was trying to lie his way out of a bad situation. Everything he said in his little press conference seemed like a pile of untruths.

When conservatives say "religious freedom," they really mean, the right to discriminate any way they see fit, using religion as the excuse. It was sort of funny and painful to watch the Hoosier Governor try to weasel his way out of that one.

Now he's saying the law doesn't discriminate against any one, or that they will fix it to make that clear.  Looks like a major win for the LGBT community and all of us who are for equal rights and non-discrimination! Bingo!

UPDATE: Contrary to what he says now, Vox documents how Indiana Governor Mike Pence has always been in favor of discriminating against the LGBT community!

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