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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


One of the lessons of a life "well-lived" is "resilience,"  the ability to adjust or recover from misfortune. And really misfortune is everywhere.

We really are like a cat with nine lives, or maybe a cat with ninety-nine lives.  Some of us.  We break a bone, the bone mends; we cut ourselves, the wound heals; we get sick, we get well; we fall down, we pick ourselves back up.

So most of the time, nine times out of ten, we recover. We move on.  We carry the lines, and the scars, we carry the germs and microbes, we carry the reminders of our days of misfortune, but we do carry on.

Of course there is that one time when this resilience fails.  The one break, the one fall, the one microbe, the one misadventure that we don't survive, that "one toke over the line," but hopefully that's far in the future.

In the meantime: resilience!

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