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Friday, January 25, 2013

Re-united with the Clunky Old Beast!

I have been reunited with my old Hohner acoustic guitar. The Master Guitar Builder fixed it!  So happy. I didn't realize how important that old guitar was to me.  Another one of those lessons - you will dearly miss the things you take for granted. The guitar was so familiar to me, for so many years, I did clearly take it for granted.  It's a big, clunky old beast of an instrument.

Some of my musician friends and trusted guitar techs told me it was time to give it up. It was broken and not really worth fixing. Maybe just put it up on a wall.  I just couldn't listen to that advice. I found a guy who put two ebony splines (little pieces of wood, sort of like pint-sized chopsticks) where the break occurred.  He installed the splines and incorporated them into the neck and then glued it all back together, sanded it down.

It's not exactly "good as new," you can see the lines of the break, but it sort of gives the guitar even more character.  It now has more of a history. It's beat and scarred. Sort of like me.  Hohner has always known for harmonicas, and this particular guitar was made in Japan, back when "made in Japan" meant "crappy."

It's actually not "crappy" at all.  It's a rare instrument, but not a collectible.  No one wants an old Hohner.  They were never known for their guitars.  It's a copy of a Guild guitar, which are collectible and "wanted." So, anyway, it's a cheap copy of a coveted, expensive guitar.  But cheap works fine. The sound is big and bold.  And it's mine.  Glad to have it back!

By the way, Hohner also made a few electric guitars.  Not many.  But there is one very famous performer who plays one, probably made in Japan in the 80's.  Now that one probably is a coveted instrument.  It certainly sounds good in this guys hands... wait for the guy with the red hat at about 3:40 into this video.  Prince tears it up with a Hohner Telecaster copy... freaking breath-taking!


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