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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

It's Just the Weirdness

The weirdness.  Yeah, read the science section of the New York Times and tell me everything is cool... I mean, multiplicities of infinities, indeed.  It used to be we thought the universe was some grand clockwork and we could figure everything out.  Now it looks like that was just quaint little notion.  Let's say the universe is an onion or maybe an infinity of onions, and every time we peel a layer, one less layer, and one more mystery.

So yes we live in the Mystery.  And even if our understanding of the Mystery is evolving, the Mystery doesn't really clarify, it only deepens.  Questions and Answers... or Questions and more Questions.

And it's now supposedly 2013, and my own personal life is quite the weird thing too.  So maybe in that way, I'm in tune with the Universe. And I'm feeling that Mystery too.  Deep in my bones.  Can I really call them my bones anyway?

So I'm feeling light, and clear, but all I see is Mystery.  Really. Even the simple mundane details are not simple... and that's the beauty and conundrum of our lives... it's just the weirdness...

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