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Vote Blue 2020

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Blood Oath

My partner in crime made me swear a blood oath this morning.  This oath-making was brought on by my immersion in Chuck Klosterman's book on Heavy Metal music.

You see, my partner understands how I can be easily swayed by a good argument, a well-written screed.  And she can see that I am fascinated by Chuck's opinions on pop culture and music.

So the oath...

"Yes, I swear on my Grandmother's grave that I will not be going to the used CD store and stock up on Hair Metal bands. No Ratt, Warrant, Poison, Kiss, Skid Row, Metallica, etc. Plus no Speed Metal, Black Metal or Death Metal."

I did make an exception for Guns N Roses.  I already own "Appetite for Destruction," and I have agreed to only play it when I'm alone or out-fitted with headphones.

Sometimes you must make some concessions to keep the peace.

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