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Friday, January 04, 2013

Circle of Influence

If you are sensitive and engaged with the things of our world, there is much to fret about.  There are big issues, and little issues, grand conflicts and little personal ones too.  How to navigate through the mire without carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders?

Sometimes that's a hard cookie to crumble.  

It's strange.  It seems, at least in our little household, that the Mayan Apocalypse did happen at the end of 2012.  The world as we knew it did end.  And something else began.  Not sure what.  Some kind of change of consciousness seems to have really descended upon us.

We are still engaged with the world.  But not so obsessed. Not so consumed.  Wonder if this little state of grace can last?  The lesson I learned (not intellectually, but in the fabric of my being) about not being in control of anything, was disturbing and enlightening at the same.  If we are not in control, no sense in worrying, or carrying guilt for those things outside our circle of influence. And most things of the world are out of our circle of influence. 

Our circle of influence is basically between our ears.  How do we process the events of the world? Without damaging ourselves? How do we actualize what we want to actualize? How do we see with clear eyes and without judgement?  That's the kind of thing you do in meditation. You visualize new pictures, you create a new world.

It's the same world, but different too. A world clarified. And the clarity is some kind of bubble of protection.  Some kind of neutrality. Strange but true.

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