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Friday, January 11, 2013

Planet-Wide Death-Dealers

Yes, as an engaged, serious and responsible human being, you begin to realize that there is much in the world that is daunting and unsolvable.  There are huge issues; puzzles and problems that you will never "solve." There are things beyond the "individual," things that only we as a "species" can tackle.  Global Warming or Climate Change would be a really good example of this kind of problem.

And you also realize that we are really, really bad at acting together as a species.  We are much better acting as individuals.  All our successes have been based on the striving of individuals. And all of our economic and social systems have been formulated by individuals seeking to be fruitful and multiplying.  And all our efforts to feed, house and clothe ourselves, and to maximize our genetic profiles have led us to build the world we have built.

And we have disengaged from the ecosystem. We are at war with nature. And it's sort of puzzling, because we actually evolved out of the ecosystem, it is our true mother, it is why we are alive today. And the ecosystem was built over billions of years. And everything in the ecosystem is important, and has a job, and is interconnected. And our belief that we can somehow reshape the ecosystem to better serve ourselves, to further ourselves, is short-sighted and deluded.  And actually a kind of species suicide.

How is it that being part of nature, we have become nature's enemy?  I guess I blame religion. And our egos, and our fear of death.  But it's funny, our fear of death is actually making us planet-wide "death-dealers." Weird. And strange. Baffling.

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