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Wednesday, November 09, 2016


The noxious dirigible (see previous post), landed safely! Who knew?! No one that I knew & trusted: the Pollsters, Political Pundits, the Wonky Data Crunchers. They all missed it. Nate Silver was the only voice I heard in the wilderness that said, you know, it's possible

One of his unlikely scenarios turned out to be the likeliest scenario: one candidate, you know the sane, rational one who knew the issues, the woman would win the popular vote (translation: more people voted for her, but her people primarily live in big urban areas), and the other candidate, you know, the crazy, irrational one who didn't know the issues, but talked really loudly & stupidly, won more Electoral votes (translation: we are toast!).

This morning it's hard to imagine how this could be a good thing for our county and the world. Pretty sure it really, really isn't. I tend to lean towards an optimistic frame of mind, but can't really conjure that mojo this morning. I worry for our country, and our democracy. I am baffled by a good proportion of the old USA. I do not understand the thought process of many of my fellow citizens. At all.

It's like a ton of bricks with an improbable hairdo dropped on all our little progressive hopes and dreams. A really, really bad joke with no punchline. Just a punch to the gut.


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