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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

No Silver Lining!

It would all be sort of funny, if it wasn't so tragic. What is that saying, something about tragedy repeating as comedy? A black, dark comedy. A dark comedy so dark, laughter hurts, draws blood.

Names floated in the new Dark Ages are the  reliable old "stormtroopers" - Giuliani, Gingrich, Carson, Bannon. These are the worst of the worst, the dregs of the dregs. The loyal henchmen to the big Con Man. Bad news, follows bad news. It is hard to avoid it. 

Doing my best, but still the stench, the rot filters in. Looking for a "silver lining?" There is none. Guiliani is being floated for Secretary of State? Hah! The mind reels. The rabid, frothing dog traveling the world, how embarrassing, and of course, how dangerous.  The new Dark Ages. New and improved. Darker more retrograde than your wildest imaginings.

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