Vote Blue 2020

Vote Blue 2020

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Death of Trump's Movement!

They tell us "the polls are tightening." But the folks I trust most, Dr. Wang from Princeton Election Consortium & David Plouffe (Obama's former campaign manager) tell me there is really nothing to worry about. It's all about demographics, data, numbers. Not about statistical noise, or raw emotion.

Of course, I do worry anyway. There is so much raw emotion swirling around this election. And I can't help but see this national drama as trauma, some kind of existential crisis. It is hard to think about and try to understand how my fellow Americans can seriously consider voting for Trump. Really, really can't understand it at all.

So clear that much of his campaign is driven by hate & racism & sexism, and whatever other "isms" you can conjure up. I do believe in diversity, empathy, compassion, but it is hard to extend a hand to hardcore racists, it is hard to be empathetic with folks who hate, it is hard to feel compassionate for people who seem to have no compassion for others. So there is a visceral horror of all that Trump has churned up in the populace.

It is hard to "love thine enemies." Really, really, really hard. I do have high hopes for a better day, I look forward to our first woman President. I am happy to think that Trump will lose because he woke up and motivated women, minorities & immigrants to vote in record numbers.

I worry, but I can' wait to celebrate the death of Trump's "movement!" Tuesday!

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