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Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Past With Some New Toys

I grew up in the "Generation Gap" era. Also there was the "Pepsi Generation." There were all these kids, and then there were the adults and it seemed like there was a large, unbridgeable, yawning gap between them. Still it turns out that what the adults did and what the kids ended up doing too wasn't really all the different or radical.

"No more war," turned into lots of little wars, conducted by professionals. And then of course the "terror" came down upon us, and then there was "perpetual war."  Yes, the hairstyles changed, and the clothes, and the movies and music, but much of it was the same old stuff in a new package.

I guess the internet and computers, and smartphones are a leap into the future, but in many ways the future seems pretty much like the past with some new toys.

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