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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Rare and Uncommon

"I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now." 

I kind of understand that Dylan line even more deeply than I ever did before. The longer I walk around on the planet, the less sure I am about so many things. When I was younger, I was lots more opinionated, and sure of myself, and willing to tell someone about it, and argue about all the finer points and judgements, and I wielded my opinions like a blunt instrument. Even when I was a gawky, shy teenager, I held very strong opinions and ideas about the world, which I was glad to share with all the unfortunate ones in my viewfinder.

Now, not so certain, not so sure, not so opinionated, or at least lots more circumspect about wielding my grand judgements. I don't have quite so many grand judgements to wield. I still make judgements, all the time, but I am a little more suspicious of my own mind, my own prejudices and biases, and I question myself about how I have come to certain conclusions. Most of the time, I realize there are no definitive conclusions to be had.

Yes, I'm certain this is a journey, and certainties on this journey are rare and uncommon. One thing I am sure about - that great storied line we find in stories is a lie: "And then they lived happily ever after." No, sorry, it doesn't happen like that. Ever. Only in the stories we tell each other. Only in our imaginations.

There's the journey of life. And then there's death. And that's just another part of the journey too. And we can name things good or bad but what we name things doesn't really describe or encompass them. 

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