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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Someone's Favorite Band!

What you want…

You don't want to be everybody's favorite band.  Too grand. Too bland. You think it must entail some serious compromising and crowd-pleasing. It's kind of like craving to be a fast food meal. And craving seems pointless. How does such broad appeal work? Who the hell knows?

You don't want to be no one's favorite band. This would be sad. Possibly tragic. And at least certainly quite frustrating. Playing for lots of empty rooms. Lots of unsold CD's in your closet. Alienated and alone. 

You do want to be someone's favorite band. A niche. A micro-market. Attentive and intelligent ears. Serious listeners. People who would listen to the music, read the lyrics sheet. Make a commitment to what you are trying to communicate. Kind of a cult. Yes, a cult. That's probably what you want.

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