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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Buddha - Kick-Ass Role Model!

This Woman, she's been rumored to be (horrors), a "Fundamentalist Christian," (Yikes! She doesn't believe in climate change!) noticed the Buddha medallion hanging around my neck. It's been there for years and years. And I've known this Woman for years and years too. Turns out you can discover new things every day. Yes, well, so this Woman was startled to see Buddha hanging around my neck. She sort of flinched and asked, "Is that Buddha?"

"Yes, it is…" All she could muster in reply was a sort of strangled "Oh." It's almost like she discovered I tortured puppies or something in my spare time.

Nothing more to be said. Yes, Buddha. A pretty kick-ass role model. Think Compassion. And a meditative life. What more can you ask, what more can you aspire to? I walked away with an extra little spring in my step. Yes! Buddha!

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