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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Idiots Is Us

I finally saw Mike Judge's very funny (and sadly, oh so true) movie Idiocracy. I prefer the original title: Amerikwa. It is supposed to be about the future of our little paradise, but of course, it's about now. I do believe we have dumbed ourselves way down - we are fat, stupid, complacent. I believe that every time we listen to this guy (evolution? devolution?) speak, our collective IQ automatically takes a nose dive. Just listening to him babble on (I mean about anything) makes us profoundly dumber! What the hell happened to us?

P.S. I finally caught up with Green Day's American Idiot...what a great song...the anti-idiot-anthem...I love Billie Joe Armstrong's buzzsaw guitar work!

P.S.S. This post from MaxSpeak says it all in regards to Commander Codpiece's latest (ahem - did anyone say fuckup?!) stratergy....

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