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Friday, July 19, 2019

The Universe is the Ultimate Free Lunch!

You love "Brain Pickings" because it's a blog devoted to the finest stuff.

Where else can you read a post entitled "Is There A God? Stephen Hawking Gives the Definitive Answer to the Eternal Question."  You know Hawking is a famous smart guy, up there with Einstein, Da Vinci, Copernicus, Socrates, think GENIUS!

I highly recommend you read the whole post.

I will cut to the chase. Here are the highlights for me.

A Personal God? Nope.

An Afterlife? Not the one you are dreaming of.

A Creator of the Universe? Nope. God is redundant. Everything in the Universe was created out of nothing!

But maybe you can think that The Laws of Nature are the "Mind of God!" So E=MC2 (the increased relativistic mass (m) of a body times the speed of light squared (c2) is equal to the kinetic energy (E) of that body.) is maybe a glimpse of a God-like thing, a little God-Let!

You know God would be an equation, algorithym, primordial energy, the first proton, the aftermath of the Big Bang. Postive Energy and Negative Energy Cancelling each other out!

The Universe is the Ultimate FREE LUNCH. Remember when those hard-headed conservatives told us there was "no such things as a free lunch?" Guess what? Surprise, surprise. They were wrong! The Universe itself is a complete and total FREE LUNCH. Digest that Pilgrim!

Hawking: "I’ll admit that, unless mathematics is your thing, this is hard to grasp, but it’s true. The endless web of billions upon billions of galaxies, each pulling on each other by the force of gravity, acts like a giant storage device. The universe is like an enormous battery storing negative energy. The positive side of things — the mass and energy we see today — is like the hill. The corresponding hole, or negative side of things, is spread throughout space. So what does this mean in our quest to find out if there is a God? It means that if the universe adds up to nothing, then you don’t need a God to create it. The universe is the ultimate free lunch."

"The laws of nature itself tell us that not only could the universe have popped into existence without any assistance, like a proton, and have required nothing in terms of energy, but also that it is possible that nothing caused the Big Bang. Nothing."

Everything in the Universe is Energy & Mass, and Everything is matched by the same amount of Negative Energy & Negative Space. Everything in the Universe is Matched by it's Negative. It all sums out to ZERO. Yes. Think of it. We are all running around doing our thing but everything ultimately zeros out. Funny. For some reason that sounds fabulous. A free lunch. You can have your cake and your not-cake too. It really is like one of those Yin/Yang things. Brain-warping. Mind-bending. World-changing. Consciousness-expanding. That's the kind of morning read I enjoy!

None of this bums me out. All of it astonishes me, and fills me with hope and wonder. The Universe really is mysterious. We may have figured out some of the Laws of Nature, but it's all so amazing. Energy, Mass & Space and the Negative too.

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