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Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Plutocratic Rot!

We sometimes think we live in a Democracy, but of course, for anyone with eyes, we all can see that we live in a Plutocracy -  "government by the wealthy, a controlling class of the wealthy." It's just the truth. Yes, most of us have the right to vote, but usually we are choosing between wealthy folks who promise to be benevolent to the little people vs the wealthy folks who promise to take care of other wealthy folks first.

You would think the little people would always vote for the supposedly benevolent ones, but of course, we don't, and it turns out that lots of the benevolent ones aren't really all that benevolent anyway. Lots of talk of "trickle down," for the little people, but not so much trickle down. Mainly the wealthy like to just piss on us for entertainment.

Anyway, this Jeffery Epstein story is pretty interesting. Super-rich guy running an elaborate sex trafficking ring for years. Oh yeah, looks like he specialized in very young girls. So ugly. And so many rich folks may be drawn into the mess. "Plutocratic Rot." Yes, I like that phrase. Could be the name for our current American Era. The Plutocratic Rot Era. 

You hope maybe things are so bad, the corruption has reached such a fever pitch that maybe the whole edifice comes crashing down. It happened last century, and led to FDR's NEW DEAL. Maybe we are due for a major course correction? That would be nice.

Eat the Rich. Er... no... the rot... don't forget the rot... did anyone say super-hefty Wealth Tax?!

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