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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Upgrade Your Life - Oat Milk!

I am not a "product endorser." I make no $ from products I write about on my blog. If I write about something, it's just because I got a bee in my bonnet in the A.M. and started typing. I never plan blog posts, I always write whatever comes off the top of my head. I like to keep my "writing muscle" working, and limber. So yes, you can probably tell, just by reading my posts, I am always all over the map.  I write what I want write, when I want to write it. Mostly I guess I write about politics, music, pop culture, and whatever the hell is going on in my warring head.

Surprisingly, folks do read this blog, I am always amazed to find out that I do have some followers/readers. I am not trying to cater to you. I just do my thing. Thanks for your patience and attention. It sort of feels like I'm not alone, even though I usually write these posts when I am totally alone, in the early A.M. sipping coffee, listening to music on the BOSE Wave system cd player (not a product endorsement - but man do I love my BOSE CD player/Radio, I purchased a used one on Ebay, and it changed the sonic palette in the kitchen distinctly for the better!) This morning I am listening to the Jeff Beck Group, "Truth," the early edition with Rod Stewart on vocals. Great stuff.

Thanks to my lovely companion, I am drinking coffee cut with "oat milk," instead of cow's milk. What a revelation. Love it. Highly recommend it. Healthier for you. Better for the planet too. Instead of feeding oats to cows, and milking the cows, just use the oats to make milk. Creamy. Satisfying. It's made by a Swedish company, Oatly, they seem like a pretty cool company, love this from their mission statement: "We promise to be a good company which means that our drive to help people upgrade their lives always comes before the reckless pursuit of profit."

How to transform your life? One baby step at a time. Listening to good music, sipping a good coffee brew, adding a bit of oat milk to the mix, everything counts, every little thing.

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