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Vote Blue 2020

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Alive on a Nice Summer Day!

Some days you ramble, you wander, you meander, you kick down the cobblestones with no clear idea where you are going, you just go; lazily, easily, almost unconsciously, you just walk around on this little spinning globe without a fear, without a worry, without a plan, without any grand ideas bubbling around in your head.


There are little surprises all the way, everything is sort of surprise, because you really don't expect anything. So the sun shining down is a surprise. The little dove swooping down and walking around in front of you is a surprise. Sipping a ginger beer is an amazingly satisfyingly, thirst-quenching surprise. You don't do anything you thought you were gonna do. You just drop all that and go with the moment.

So sitting quietly in the fading sun, leaves of the trees rattling above you, lots of silence and laughter just spills out for no good reason. There is no reason and no reason to worry about any reason. You are alive on a nice summer day.

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