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Friday, June 28, 2019

Let's Make America More Beautiful!

Back to politics...

I am optimistic. I think we are at the end of something, that Trump, and all he represents, all the horror, the hate, the idiocy, the corruption, etc. is a breaking point. It is not the beginning of a new movement, it is the end-point, a car-crash, the inevitable result of a bankrupt political party, a last-gasp "fuck you" to a new, progressive, "Blue Wave" movement. 2016 was the car-crash. 2018 was the wakeup call. 2020 will be an opening to a new progressive, inclusive, diverse, multi-cultural renaissance.

Those Red states are not going anywhere, those "left-behind" folks will cling to their guns, their racism, their backward ways, their fears of "the other," fear of change, fear of irrelevance, but they will be more and more irrelevant, their clinging to some weird concept of the past just makes them less able to participate in the renewal. It's just demographics and a change of consciousness. The GOP is a hollow-husk of a political party: predominantly old, rich, white folks clinging to their cash & power. It's a dead-end. Nihilistic. Un-democratic. Un-American.

The new America really is a multicultural melting pot, young, vibrant, colorful, open, diverse. Beautiful. The tide is turning. A new day is coming. I am optimistic. Things look so bleak, because we have crashed into the ditch, but we will arise, dust ourselves off, and see with new eyes! I do believe. Let's make America More Beautiful!

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