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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Forget the News! Cheap Guitars!

Old habits die hard. Oldest habits die hardest. I always wake up, head to the kitchen, and first thing, click the radio on. Tuned to NPR. Then I brew my coffee, empty the dishwasher, put the clean dishes and cups away.

I get a quick news fix.

The fix is getting shorter and shorter. My attention span for the daily news is really dwindling. Is that how the evil-doers win? The news is so bad, so disheartening, so disgusting & disappointing that sentient, caring folks are compelled to just freaking tune-out! Everything, I mean, everything seems supremely fucked up. Seems we are now running Concentration Camps on the Border, little children are dying, the blood is on all of our hands, also, another woman has come forward to accuse our President of rape, the Republicans are hiding, totally abdicating any ideas of morality, any sense of honor or  decency, pretending everything is just fine, while the Democrats are fretting, always fretting, whether they should even think of "Impeaching the Motherfucker."

I hope it all works out.

Lately, I have been quick on the trigger-finger, switching from the radio to the Bose CD player. Fabulous sound by the way. How does Bose do it? The clarity, the fullness, the bass-response all coming out of a plastic, weird-looking, wedge-shaped, white-slab. Makes all these CDs sound so good. This morning I put on Alabama Shakes' 2016 album, "Sound and Color." Soul-stirring. Thrilling. Fun. Love this band. Brittany Howard has a classic soul-voice, full of grit, power and sweet emotion. Plus those guitars! My lovely companion tells me she wants me to recreate that big, tough, gritty guitar sound for our band. I immediately started looking for a used Gibson SG or ES 335... probably need to find a "copy," I mean those guitars are quite pricey, maybe I can find a cheaper Japanese or Korean knockoff?  Forget the news of the day, it will destroy any sense of well-being you  may harbor. On to the next thing. Cheap guitars!

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