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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wonder Coexists with the Bland

Of course our world of wonder coexists, sits side by side, with the world of routine, the world of the mundane. We spend lots and lots of our time getting from one place to another. Putting one foot in front of another foot. Lots of time thinking about what we are gonna eat today. What are we gonna wear. Lots of time  is filled performing simple, mind-numbing tasks. There is the world of the bland, the boring. Standing in line. Waiting our turn. Most of our time is filled with these kinds of moments. And sometimes the mundane, the bland is overwhelming. You sometimes think that's all there is, the material, the physical, the grind of life. But the wonder and transcendence somehow, miraculously emerges from the grind of daily life.  And that's what is amazing, unexpected, extraordinary. And it turns out we really live for those moments. Something happens, and the routine, bland, mundane moment turns to gold. Strange, but true.

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