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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ever-Flowing, Ever-Renewing!

We are "perishable containers." Life is ever-flowing, ever-renewing, emerging in a universe of forms. Individuals are the containers of this life-force.  We wear out. We get leaky, we don't fill up quite like we used to. It's inevitable.

Life is not deterred. It is constantly finding new containers. We all spend lots of time self-replicating, or looking to self-replicate. And life is not choosy: a single-celled organism, an insect, a plant, a dog, a fish, a human being; to life it really is all the same.

So in that way, we really are connected to everything else. We share life. Maybe even the "inanimate" forms of the world are just life-forms working at different, slower tempos.

Instead of "God" think "Life," and maybe you are closer to the mark in discovering the secret code of the Universe...


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