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Monday, July 29, 2013

High School on Steroids

Yes, I've a gained a new scar or two. And I've had some kind of "breakthroughs" in my thinking, or feeling, or in the knowledge embedded in my being. Yes, knowledge. Sometimes you wonder if any of us learn anything. Our vast global networked, and social-media-saturated world sometimes seems so juvenile, almost like high school on steroids, with all of the snide competitiveness, the petty insults, the cheap shots, the struggle for popularity, the cliques, and spite, and stupidity, endemic to our species. That almost desperate desire to belong, to not have to stand alone.

It's hard, but you have to tune it all out. Often. I mean sometimes it's worth tuning in, just to see what kind of madness the humans are up to now, but you can easily be sucked into the stupid. It's not worth it, it's so freaking demeaning for all concerned.

The knowledge seems so simple, and maybe simple-minded, but that's part of what I've learned, yes, the cliches, the simple truths, they look simple and trite, but that does not erase their deep profound meaning.

So I mean it comes down to believing, in the work, in life, in a better day, the next project. And maybe not so much the believing, but yes, the believing, but the doing, the doing, despite everything. So there's the doing, and that doing is it, really, in a nutshell, and the world with be indifferent, or hostile, or there will be those who are jealous, or will who belittle you, but that's just the way people are, you have to take it in stride, you can't let it destroy you, you have to carry on, to do it, and really, really, really want to do it. And then do it. And really, fuck the rest. And you can say fuck it and still love too. Truth.

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