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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Story of a Cheater!

Don't know what the true story is, but let's say you are a world-famous cyclist, and you are a cancer survivor, and an inspiration to people all over the planet.  And you made lots of money, and earned lots of trophies, and inked multi-million dollar endorsement deals and basically reveled in a long reign of being the best of your sport.

And you are personable, and determined and even cool. And lots of people wear these little yellow bracelets in solidarity with your incredible determination and excellence in being the best you can be.

And at the same time, you are a cheater.  You doped.  You enlisted a whole bunch of folks to help you do it.  And there was a concerted effort to hide your cheating.  There was a tight-knit code of silence. But cheat you did. So although, you did win all those races, and you did collect the trophies and cash and did revel in the adoration of the masses, you didn't actually play by the rules.  So in that way, you nullified everything you achieved.  You lived with a pretty big lie for a long, long time.

You wonder what kind of psychic price you pay?  And even though the story is sort of murky and inconclusive... it may be that your whole career, the whole inspirational story is just an elaborate fraud.  It's almost like you nullified your own existence...

Strange.  And it really is the Great New American template.  Cheat! And collect valuable prizes!  And deny, deny, deny.  Never admit guilt! Dammit!

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