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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hang it On a Hanger...

"We keep our expectations low and we work our asses off around here... cause when Ego comes in, they just hang it on a hanger." - Rich Cotovsky

Yeah we are in the middle of this thing... it's kind of like a life... you have feelings, thoughts, desires, and plans... and they are really, really important to you, and you spend your energy, your full sentient being envisioning and actualizing them...

And then somewhere along the line, if you can see and hear and take it in, you realize there's this bigger thing you are part of, it's much bigger than you, it's really so big, and so contradictory, and all-encompassing, and you are such a tiny part, and although, what you do is important to you, it's not all that important to the bigger thing.  

I mean, you have your part to play, and you do it to your maximum potential, but, hell this thing is not about you. And that's OK.  No, that's good.  And if you can just let go, let yourself enter the stream without fear, or doubt, or ego, you can flow, you can fly, you can experience and dream, like a motherfucker...

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