Vote Blue 2020

Vote Blue 2020

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Party of Liars!

I try hard to see both sides... I try my best to understand where the "other guy" is coming from... I sometimes like to argue as the "Devil's Advocate" to examine a position... or mind-set...

But today's GOP just pisses me off... really, it's the privileged, whiny, white guy (and gal) party. And they have no intellectual ammo... really they want to maintain their privileged existence, hoard their cash, keep the masses behind the gates of their rolling estates.

And they spout lies: lies, damned lies... nothing but bright, shiny lies, not even very creative or interesting lies...  It really grates on one; sort of like fingernails on a chalkboard.  I do not think they will win this coming election.  I do think Obama will be re-elected.  Maybe it will be close, and for sure the country will stay divided, and yes, Obama will have a difficult 2nd term too.

It's not a happy time in the old USA... we are off the road... and god knows where the hell we are headed.  I do think the American people tend to like to be lied to, but this year's GOP just can't keep their lies straight... no clear narrative or thru line to their lying tale... the lies don't sit light or pretty this time around...

Phonies.  It's a phony party. Which usually isn't a political sin.  But maybe this time around even the liars don't actually believe the lies either... and maybe that's why their words are actually painful to hear?  Maybe?

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