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Sunday, August 26, 2012

R&R Assessment

We did the rock show, and then afterward we did the rock show assessment.  It's all part of the process of doing the rock and roll thing.

How was the overall sound? Excellent. The sound guy was "sober" and did a fabulous job. 

Was the acoustic guitar warm, bold and resonant? Yes, surprisingly it was... seems Jammer has finally solved the acoustic guitar issue-thing. His setup: condenser mic inside guitar, out-board pre-amp for volume and EQ, a feedback buster in the sound hole, a small p.a. speaker output, sound guy mics the p.a. speaker - last night this all worked to perfection. 

What about the vocals? The Lovely Carla was superb, alive and engaged, her voice was beautiful, entrancing.  Jammer was a little ragged and tentative. What's up Jammer?

What about the band? Tight, powerful.  Everyone listened, no false starts or endings.  We have really developed a nice on-stage synergy.  And our bass/drums combo is one of the best in the business.  Are we in the business?

What about the set? It was short and tight 40 minute set.  A mix of originals and covers.  After show assessment: maybe too many covers.  Next time work in more of our originals. 

Overall Grade? Let's give it a solid B... can always, always improve...

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