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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Gimmee Back My Wig!

We ran lines last night. Over and over and over. We have a show on Saturday. We will be doing a whacked-out little performance piece I wrote awhile back called "The Wig."

It was inspired by a comment Ike Turner once made while watching his ex-wife Tina on TV.

"I put that wig on her bald head!"

Which had reminded me of a song Hound Dog Taylor used to do called, "Gimmee Back My Wig."

That's all it took to send me off the cliff. Now we must live with my little creation. So we ran through the lines - strange, disconnected lines - over and over.

It's a process that is sort of like a brain cleanser, or maybe like water-boarding. Painful and mind-numbing.

But then again, we have a goal: MAGIC. We'll see what happens Saturday.

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