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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

To that Special Lying, Cheating, Little Weasel!

A special shout-out:

Once a lying, cheating, Little Weasel...

Always a lying, cheating, Little Weasel...

I do not envy your sleep patterns...

Who will call you out next?

The Truth will out.

And it burns!


  1. Are you talking about me? I have always feared the day when the world realized that I am full of shit. Has the day come? You mentioned my sleep patterns - it's 4:07am, you must be talking about me. Woe is me. I give! I am a weasel! I do think more of myself as a ferret though.

    Maybe it's not me you're talking about. As Roseanne Rosanadana would say, never mind.

  2. God - Never mind. This was for one specific weasel. I don't think of you as a weasel, no, you are one of my heroes! It's a shame you have trouble sleeping. I wish you didn't. But maybe that gives you more time to write amazing shit!?


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