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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Buzz in the Hood

We've been rehearsing in our new space. Making music and theater in the midst of saw dust and rusty nails, and all the clutter of a space not yet ready for prime time.

We opened the doors to keep the air flowing. It's a storefront in a busy part of town, so all kinds of folks walk by and poke their heads in while we are working. This is kind of a new phenomenon for us.

There's a buzz in the hood about this new thing happening.

We are working on a strange performance piece based on my reading "Bowie in Berlin." The Lovely Carla added an ecstatic, fever-dream monologue about a white stallion. I am creating an ambient music score to back her up.

So I had a delay pedal and a drumstick, and I was hammering the strings, and coaxing some odd sounds out of my beat up old Telecaster. The passers by seemed both attracted and perplexed.

Pure pleasure...

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