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Friday, August 14, 2009

Doing the Thing is the Thing

Some one told the Lovely Carla and I yesterday that, "You are the kind of artists who just do the work."

That is so true. And doing the work is the thing.

I've come to believe it's the whole thing. The end result is sort of anti-climatic. It's the process of doing the thing that's the thing. That's been the working method. And the method, the doing the work, transforms us.

Today the Abbie Hoffman Died for Your Sins Fest kicks off and runs throughout the weekend. We are doing it again. A new piece, strange and experimental, which is perfect for the fest. We perform Saturday and Sunday.

I love doing the fest. I love the madness of it all. I love the process and the work. That's more than enough. It's everything.


  1. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Damn, I wish I could see your new piece and the Abby fest this weekend. Noel and I would be there to see you if we could pull a Harry Potter and disapparate!

    Just. Do. It. was invented by working artists!

  2. Hey Kris - Thanks. In some weird way of course, you guys are with us! Funny how that works. Plus knowing you guys do what you do inspires us too!


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