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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Of the Body, Of the Spirit

I believe we are more than our bodies. It's not just a thought, it is my experience. I don't think I'm the only one. Of course, it's the standard dichotomy, body and spirit. Then again, some wise folk tell us body and spirit are one. So it might be that tricky math where one + one = one. Or something like that.

And that one is either one or none, or all of the above.

We see our bodies, and they show us the record of our days. Not just our days, but also the days and ways of our ancestors. We wear the years we walk the planet, and we wear the years of all those people who came before us. Our genes are the map and their markers are built into our flesh and blood.

Then there's this essence that seems to ride, or reside in the flesh. Sometimes it seems to be in the heart or head of us, sometimes it seems to hover above or around us. We think it floats away when the flesh and blood cease to work.

Our bodies are destined to become broken radios. No transmitting, no receiving. But our essence, the life force, the radio programming, the radio waves, they are still out there, floating in the ether. Or wherever.

It's a strange life. Of the body, of the spirit.


  1. I don't know whether I envy you or hate you (the two are so similar in my mind). You have written the best post ever. I wanted to do that some day, now it's too late.

    You need to write music around these lyrics.

  2. Hey God - Thanks. I think. BTW. The Lovely Carla and I might be making the trek out to the City of Angels around Thanksgiving. Would love to find a time and place to meet and greet! We are kindred souls!

  3. Hooray, Thanksgiving - that's coming up before you know it. Noel and I will be living in a new place, and you can come visit. Then we must all of us here get together. No excuses, same place, same time, in the body!

    I agree with God here, this is a great post. It would be fantastic as a song. Let's all sing it together over tea and coffee someplace when you come visit.


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