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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

That God-Feeling

I'm reading about Timothy Leary, the LSD guru who believed that he could transform society by introducing the population to god via a psychedilc experience...he certainly helped blow the doors open in the sixties and seventies...he also helped hasten the end of psychology (he was a psychologist himself) and the beginning of pharmacology as the answer to all our problems. "Better living through chemistry," as they say.

Today, you take a pill if you can't digest the swill you're eating. You take a pill if you feel down. You take a pill if you feel dizzy, or anxious, or constipated, or you can't leave your house because, well, because it's just too damn scary out there...

There does seem to be some kind of evolution of thinking: revelation (god) to psychology (evolution) to chemistry (drugs) Leary was just completing the circle back to god via chemistry...and well, you can get that "god-feeling," just by meditating, or running, or looking at a sunset, or eating chocolate, or loving someone, or being loved, or...well there's a million ways to feel a euphoria, a joy, a sense that you are connected to something larger than yourself, that you're a brother or sister to the plants and animals and stars...a feeling of health and well-being...don't need no stinking dogma, or church, or big dude on high, to get you to the right's in us baby...all the colors of the rainbow are inside us...ain't it so groooovvvvyyyyy!?

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