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Vote Blue 2020

Thursday, August 24, 2006

One Shot (thanks to Marshall Mathers)

One shot, a spunky little spermatoza,
a fat and shiny human egg,
they meet up for the big rodeo
what they're making, they don't know

Once they get going
it's all about dividing
and multiplying,
and turning into other things

They no longer exist
as seperate entities
they can't explain it,
but they are one

So they float in space
and exit the void
and enter a world
they never made

And then it's a real
strange ride
with nowhere to hide
and the changes
keep coming

a trajectory
like a shooting star

shoot up high
peak in the sky
there's a slow
decline, or a big
bang, or a meek

and then they
split up again
into tiny little
microscopic pieces
finally invisible
tiny energies
kind of melting
into the infinite sea

make it real
make it real
make it real real

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