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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I'm posting from the coffee shop down the street from my hideout. Chillin with the A/C...sipping an iced drink...the place is packed, we are all refugees from the heat. The weather, like death, is a great leveller...everyone feels the extremes, it sort of unites us. The weather, like death, also reminds us of how little we really can control in our lives. So much of what we do is react to events in the world. So, in this way, we really are products of our times. I have always been, "death haunted," not so much fearing it, as acknowledging it as a reality in my moment to moment existence, at the same time I've always been oblivious to age, not really thinking of my own (too young, too old), and at the same time not really feeling comfortable in my skin...it's always been a moment to moment uneasiness with "the way things are." I have some good memories, some bad too, but ultimately my life seems like a series of dreams that have passed through me...as I've also passed through them...death and weather...I (we) pass through them too...

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