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Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Blessing and A Curse

The last few days have been really hot and humid in Chicago...I used to love the heat, but over the years my melting point seems to have become easier to breach...still, I've been running in this heat, it's a great way to remind one of the primacy of the body, nothing like sweating, huffing and puffing to prove to oneself that you are still alive...and to prove there are limits to what a body can and can't do...(like I really need to prove it!).

After a head-spinning, ecstatically exhausting jaunt on the lakefront I sat in my cool kitchen, chomping on a cheese sandwich, and listened to Patterson Hood of the Drive By Truckers singing how, "it's gonna be a world of hurt..." he goes on to explain that "to love, is to feel pain..." I guess I'm with Patterson on this one (lately I've been getting my best philosophical insights from the rock and rollers)...but of course, he ends his song with the line, "it's great to be alive..." Ain't it the truth!

And there you have it, the exquisite contradictions of our meager little lives...the only life worth living is a life of love, to love is to feel pain, it's gonna be a world of hurt...and (the kicker)... IT'S GREAT TO BE ALIVE!

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