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Tuesday, June 02, 2020

First. Remember...

First. Remember.

The Toxic Clown President is NOT winning. He is flailing, desperate, deeply and irrevocably unpopular. He is President in the time of a Global Pandemic. Over 100k people (and counting) have died on his watch. The economy is in shambles. Massive unemployment. Businesses are collapsing.

The Toxic Clown President is a coward. He doesn't know how to lead, or persuade, to legislate, to build coalitions, to heal or comfort a nation. His brain is disintegrating. He is hated, laughed at, mocked. There is very little respect for the Toxic Clown.

The Toxic Clown President can only divide, stoke the violence, fan the flames of racism. He is a shit-stirrer, a noxious, toxic cloud of destruction. Supremely corrupt and incompetent. How does he have any support in USA? It's a bit of mystery. I suppose his support comes from those who just don't give a fuck.

I do believe we are watching the end of the Toxic Clown President. His day of reckoning is coming. I predict election day 2020 will the first day of the healing for the nation. He has lasted much longer than I ever thought possible. He is a really, really nasty persistent virus which has invaded the body politic.

I remember my band did r&r show at the end of 2019. I was onstage telling the little crowd that I was looking forward to 2020. A year of clarity, clear-seeing. I was optimistic. Obviously, I had no clue. I should have consulted my Greek Mythology. I am thinking of the story of Oedipus.

Yes. Indeed. 2020 is the year of clarity and clear-seeing, but what do we see?

Pain, destruction, death, police brutality, murder, racism, systematic corruption, failure, bad-blood,  a nation tearing apart, National Guard in the streets, threats of military deployments against the American population, deadly pandemic, deep dysfunction, the center collapsing, folks losing hope, doom and gloom. Yikes!

I think of Vince Lombardi. Yes, he is my Obi Wan Kenobi in the dire times of strife. Two key quotes I live by:

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going."  AND "Run to daylight."

Yes. Indeed.

The a.m. soundtrack - LCD Soundsystem (2005). Fuck it. You know, they probably threw some great parties in the Dark Ages too. It's a dance party in my kitchen this morning. James Murphy is singing  about Daft Punk playing at his house. It is time for a dance party. But, of course, in 2020 Pandemic, you end up dancing in the kitchen all by yourself. Lots of beats and grooves on this one. And Murphy is just the best DJ imaginable. Intelligence. Edgy good taste. You want to be socially-distant friends with Mr. Murphy. Yes. You do.

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