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Friday, October 11, 2019

One of our Favorite Past-Times...

I didn't even think about it.

I grabbed a CD from the stack and put in on the box. Peter Gabriel's "Passion," the soundtrack from Martin Scorcese's "The Last Temptation of Christ." One of the all time great soundtracks, pretty good movie too. Willem Dafoe as Jesus, and maybe even better, Harvey Keitel as Judas.  Funny. I "blame" Kanye (see previous post).

A brief Interlude: Thinking Gods. Holy Men. Leaders of Cults. Kanye vs. Jesus. I'm thinking Kanye wins. Hands down. Sure he gets some criticism, lots of on-line hate, but he also lives like a King, he's a made-man, a Hip-Hop Genius. No crucifix, no whips, no sweating blood in the garden. Plus, you know, he gets to sleep with Kim Kardashian. Some would consider that a bonus. Jesus, he had a pretty, hard-luck story in comparison. Maybe he rose from the dead (not verified), but died at 33 under difficult circumstances.

Thoughts of Gods, religion, cults, transcendence, spirit, what's it all about, good jobs, purpose in life, mission from God, etc.  It's a rainy, dark morning, the smell of corruption in the air. My fellow humans and I, we seem so corruptible, so fallible, so ridiculous. Amazing how so many of us spend our time. Seems one of our favorite past-times is to fuck each other over.

One of those pearls of wisdom from that big old black book: "The love of money is the root of all evil." Pretty sweeping. Kind of an indictment of Capitalism and our whole economic engine. In the world we live in, money makes everything go "Whoosh!" Frankly, easily, obviously, it is all about the Benjamins.

Those crazy, renegade Jews in the desert, living in communes, living on bread and wine, preaching Love and Forgiveness, makes for a nice little fairy tale. Do any of those folks who tell us they are "Christians" actually live by that code? Or is it all just vanity, hypocrisy, bogus crap? Just another cudgel used to smack other folks on the head? Don't forget to put coin into the cup.

I mean, who among us can walk the walk? We talk big, we preach, pretend to be holy, god-fearing, etc. But when it comes down to it, who really lives like Jesus, or Buddha, or MLK, or Gandhi or fuck, man, pick your idol. So much damn hypocrisy. Quoting Dylan (another fallible man) "No man, Righteous, No, Not One..."

We live with a little parakeet here, she is pure white, white as snow, we named her "The Holy Ghost." Sometimes we just call her "Ghost." She is a reminder. She seems so much better than us. She is above the fray. Once in awhile she will sing. She can conjure up a big storm of sound. She loves the sound of water running from the tap, she loves the sound of the strings ringing on my acoustic guitar, she loves when we stream a flick, or play music on the stereo. (She is not a big fan of The Who). She is a singer. Our little Ghost.

She barely trusts us. She will sit on your finger. Briefly. Her hard, black eyes staring a hole right through you. She wants to fly to safety, to sit on a stick on the far side of her cage. She likes it there. A distance from the humans. Humans. I think to her, they smell funny.

Ghost knows. Humans are loud, stupid, unreliable, corruptible, greedy, not pure, no, definitely, not pure.

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