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Monday, May 01, 2017

Jesus in America Pt. 17

I don't have to figure everything out...

Ok. That's an insight. A revelation. A relief. Somewhere along the line, during the day to day unrolling of my meager existence, I realized that I didn't need to figure everything out. I really don't need to know all the "whys" and "wherefores" of our existence here on this little spinning Blue Planet.

This is not a quiz. If I don't know all the answers, I don't necessarily fail. I mean, if the Gods are grading me, (I hope it's on a curve), I just have to hope I kind of squeeze by onto the next level. Whatever that is.

I mean, it would be nice to know ultimate meanings and purposes. It would be cool if I could explain all the inner workings of this grand experiment. I wish I had an all encompassing explanation for the Universe, Consciousness, the Duality of Man, etc.

But I'm ok with not quite knowing "shit from Shinola." I mean as Pete Townsend once sang: "I Don't Even Know Myself:"

"Come on all of you big boys
Come on all of you elves
Don't pretend that you know me
Cause I don't even know myself
I don't know myself"

What does this all have to do with Jesus in America? I don't know...

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