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Vote Blue 2020

Thursday, May 11, 2017

A fat, old, white guy, yelling at his TV set

Something is very wrong...

A fat, old, white guy, yelling at his TV set any time he sees a story about Russia's hack of USA and the unfolding investigation. It's a significant story, blasting on cable news all hours of the day. So lots of yelling. Isolated. Alone. 

We knew we were getting this guy. We saw him every day in public. Same fat, old, white, guy, same yelling & ranting. He ranted at young people, African Americans, Immigrants, Women. Lots of yelling. Lots of ranting.

Now he's supposed to be the President of the Country. Same guy. You almost, almost feel sorry for the man, maybe, just maybe a tiny drop of compassion for someone so inept, so politically tone deaf? No, even though Jesus or Buddha would counsel compassion, it's impossible. The guy is just too much of a hater. Don't want to hate the hater, but he is repulsive.

It's obvious he wanted to shut down the FBI Russian Investigation by firing the FBI Director. He probably thought it would be a little story, most people would applaud, and move on. In this case, not so likely.

The first question that popped into my head when I heard the news was, "Isn't that Obstruction of Justice?" I was drawing upon my history, a wee lad during Watergate, became a Political Junkie by mainlining Hunter S. Thompson's dispatches from the campaign trail.

And I knew that obstruction, coverup, that's how a man tumbles, crumbles, destroys himself. This old white guy is too inept, too politically tone deaf, too casually corrupt to pull off a coverup. And he has no loyal subjects. They are all Stooges, Boot-lickers, only in it for the $, the reflected glory. They will turn on him for a dime. Already they are leaking and talking, telling any reporter within D.C. what an ignorant, ranting fool they have as a boss.

This is gonna be a wild ride. We are watching the disintegration of a man, an office, a country. Hopefully we will be able to clean-up, pick up the pieces, and remake it all when it comes to it's conclusion. I'm sometimes a betting man. I bet this guy is toast. It will be a slow burn, but burn he will...

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