Vote Blue 2020

Vote Blue 2020

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Yes, Sorry, a Total Dip-Shit! No Doubt! Oh Yes, and a Russian Stooge. The New Question of the Day: Was Trump a Knowing, or Unknowing Stooge of Russia?

Is it a "Tragedy with Comedic Undertones?" Or A "Comedy with Tragic Overtones?" 

You decide.

Yesterday I was all riled up when I heard that Trump wants to stay on as Executive Producer of the Celebrity Apprentice at the same time as he serves as President of the United States. My first, immediate, unfiltered thought: "What a total Dip-shit!"

Me thinks, that he thinks, that both jobs are pretty comparable! You know, the same kind of gig?!

Then, this morning I find (in the Washington Post), that the CIA has concluded that the Russians did indeed hack the 2016 election, AND, they did it with the express intention of helping elect Trump!

So, not only did Trump lose the Popular Vote to Hillary Clinton by a substantial margin, and barely squeak by in an Electoral College quirk of the system, BUT the freaking Russians helped him win! Talk about UnAmerican, and Anti-Democratic!

I would think Trump's "mandate" to run the country, is about as valid as a diploma from Trump University! I mean you know, non-existent, worthless, total jet-trash!

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