Vote Blue 2020

Vote Blue 2020

Thursday, December 15, 2016

"Chaos Rules Baby... Please Pass the Condiments..." - Sunny Jimmy

The land of the Spooks. Intelligence. Counter-Intelligence. Lies. Deceptions. False-Flags. Information. Disinformation. Bizarro-World.

Word is, that yes, not only did the Russians hack us, and undermine Election 2016, but they specifically did it with the long-shot, wild-ass intention of making Trump President, AND now we learn that there is "proof" (Will we ever hear or see the evidence?) that "Vladimir Putin Personally Directed the Anti-Clinton Hacking!"


That was a good one Vladimir! Obviously when the hack started, no one seriously thought Trump was gonna win. And even thru most of the campaign, it was assumed by pretty much anyone who paid any attention (especially me!) that Hillary Clinton was the solid favorite, some even said she couldn't lose.

Only Nate Silver over at 538 seemed to tell us that counter to pretty much all the other pollsters and prognosticators that his model showed that there was a 10% chance of Trump squeaking by with a Popular Vote Loss and an Electoral College Win.

But of course, 10% is pretty damn unlikely. I mean, lots of really stupid shit would have to happen. Once in a lifetime fuck-ups would have to accumulate for Trump to snag enough votes to tip key battleground states.  Nate runs his model millions of times, he can tweak parameters and test how they change outcomes. But reality only runs the freaking model ONE TIME! Oops! This one time and we get the "Accidental President." But the accident turns out to be a World-Wide Car Crash! And we, the bystanders are actually the victims.

Putin must be so happy, his long-shot bet came thru. And he wins on all counts: he undermines the U.S. Democracy, sows doubt about free and fair elections throughout democracies around the world, elevates a Putin-Wanna-Be and Colossal Dip-Shit in Trump, and shows Putin to be some kind of grand master political mischief-maker.  And now it looks like Republican Voters are such brain-dead sheep, that now they have decided they kind of like Putin's Russia! Wow.

"Chaos rules baby... please pass the condiments..." - Sunny Jimmy

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