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Thursday, October 06, 2016

The Man Who Was Doomed to Failure!

Yes, it almost, but really, surely, not quite makes you feel sorry for the guy. Born to lose, doomed to failure. His bombast, and over-stuffed bravado is just so much hot-air. His father was a successful, self-made man, but not so much for the Donald. The Donald's big comeback in Atlantic City was just the apotheosis of the huckster! And for a guy who is so much about being a "winner" he is so loudly and publicly hurtling towards a massive, humiliating defeat. Defeated by a woman. Doubly humiliating. You wonder if the Donald is secretly punishing himself? He must hate himself. The way he speaks of others, the total disrespect he has for his fellow human beings. Politico tells us that for years the Donald was played for a total chump by Howard Stern. The Donald played the creepy, leering, loser for laughs, and he wasn't even in on the joke. Pathetic. Inside the Donald must be a seething cauldron of fear & self-loathing. He embodies all that hatred, misogyny, sexism, racism, xenophobia. He takes it all into himself. The man doomed to failure takes all his foibles and failures down with him and in that way helps cleanse the nation.

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